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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  October 30, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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show you. also we have a decent commute on the san mateo. we begin with new jersey whereas many as 1,000 are trapped in three towns after a levee break. now cnn reports the damage happened just after midnight in bergen county new jersey. people have climbed on to their roofs and we will continue to follow the story as it comes into the newsroom. also 50 homes have burned to the ground in the breezy point area in rockaway peninsular. they are trying to reach the area and about 200 firefighters are there and they still have to check if anybody died or became trapped. well the super storm is still packing a punch and it is expected to head across eastern
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pennsylvania today. before taking a sharp turn into new york. new york city and surrounding areas will see hurricane force winds throughout the day. >> we knew it was going to be a very dangerous storm and the storm has met our expectations. >> at least 16 deaths are being blamed on the storm which knocked out power to million. the subway system suffered extensive damage. now the storm has canceled more than 100 flights and out of the area, here is more on how it could a fact your travel to the east coast. i just spoke to the manager at fso and they say most are
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canceled, most, not all and it is important to check with the airline. when we got to terminal two, we found a lot of people who were affected by this storm. a lot of people had to spend the night and it is all because of the impact of super storm sandy. many are international travelers who had lay overs here in san francisco and some did not learn about this storm and their connecting flights being canceled until they arrived yesterday. >> i flew in yesterday from community to find out my flight to washington was canceled and so i stayed overnight at the marriott last night and i came in this morning. >> later this afternoon, later today we could see some east coast flights resume as the days go on and the storm moves and changes direction. airports in boston and new york will have to assess the damage.
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we will have to keep an eye on where the storm is headed. channel 2 news. and sandy has blown the presidential campaign one week off traffic, just one week before election day. they are looking at the government response to the storm and mitt romney has also reworked hits campaign schedule. we will have coverage from the super storm coming up in 15 minutes and we will have more on how we are helping millions power outages. giants are waking up in the bay area after a warm welcome celebrating the team's latest
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title. >> cheers were heard as they landed. fans and airport workers were there as manager bruce bochy dealt the manager. from the airport it was then on to at&t and about 500 fans gathered as a caravan gathered with the trophy and then handed it off to sergio romo to show it off. >> it is very fitting they are here to receive us especially with the trophy. this is where we fight for it and work for it at this time. they say they are now resting for tomorrow's parade. and they are making the
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final jump and more than million will help get them their muni will add shuttle buses and cars as they build the parade floats and they are now working over time. >> we will be bursting couldn't 501.7 miles. if you plan to take part, try to avoid today to avoid the long lines. so on parade day, more people rode bart than ever before. now the parade route is set to start in the ferry building, it will go up market street and wind up at the civic center
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plaza. now if you just want to avoid the crowds you can watch it right here on channel 2. our live coverage of the parade begins tomorrow morning. they hope tomorrow's festivities will not be marched. they spent the day cleaning up debris and they had other damage. police made a total of 26 arrests and more than half were felony charges. they are hoping it will not be different. >> this is a family event, it is on a school day. we want families and children... >> some of the worst... muni said the bus reasonly had
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a $300,000 makeover. take a look at this, this appeared in the san francisco chronicle. it showed a man using it to be tagged. >> oh, you really hate to see that part of it. >> sal, you will be headed into the city before the morning news. >> yes, we have done this before. >> yes, i will be here and part of that special corning. so let's take a look at the fog is a big deal today and i can tell because when i look at the camera being we are looking apt the bay bridge and there is not a lot of fog here but the
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traffic is moving well. if you are driving on highway four there is some thick fog and it is still early enough to get a decent commute. >> some thick fog and it was more towards the east and north and there is a system dragging to the north and boys, turned on the air breaks and it was upper 50s, today only 52. any breeze in the fog really doesn't form than system looking light it wants to run into a wall and i think
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everything will slow down. thick warning temperatures and we will have 72 today and everything still looks good for the parade upper ever 0s to near 60 degrees and it looks good and we clear it out sunny and warm by the weekend. right now two teens are accused of murdering a caster valley woman. the woman's daughter is now speaking out, it is an interview you only see on two. >> plus we have more on the areas you will want to stay away from, stay with us.
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. san francisco police are looking for suspects in an overnight homicide. it happened shortly after midnight in the city's mission district. police say a young man was shot to death and died earlier at a nearby hospital. it is still not clear what led up to the gunfire. and in connection, a shooting critically injured a man in the marina district. he shot a man just after 12:30 sunday morning outside fort may some of the he said he was defending his girlfriend who was inappropriately touched by the suspect. they arrested the man and woman at a home in san leandro. the man accused of killing
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sierra lemar, antolin garcia- torres has been arrested in connection with that disappearance and murder. they continue to search for sierra lemar, and in addition no not finding her body, he faces murder charges. he will answer to the crime. and new attacks on sodas and other sugary drinks. the measure would at a 1% tax at part of the effort to fight obesity. and they expressed support at a town hall meeting last night. >> they are talking about the problems we have had with obesity and diabetes... >> they are saying a glass of soda is like smoking cigarettes
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and they are blaming the soda industry for the obesity crisis. >> if the pressure passes, they will become the first city in the country to impose such a tax. now two new high-rise apartment buildings have the green lean. they will go up on south and market in santa clara and a 347 unit building will go up on car lyle street and many people -- carlyle talked with and many of them agreed. >> we can always go and listen to music so that is always good. >> they are looking for an active downtown and they are
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staying away and in stead, they will set it up in terms of the area, sal has more. guys, this morning we do have some fog to deal with and steve and i will be telling you, we will become the fog brothers. i mean cars are driving through but it is just going to be favored visibility and you can see traffic is moving along relatively well. we will each an eye on that for you. and the commute is off to a good buts foggy start, let's go to steve. all right, good morning, a pretty strong system is out here and it has tapped into some moisture. it is a arriving sooner with the remains of sandy and it is
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just enormous. it has actually been removed from east to west and it will be back laterallier, some very thick fog some mist and/or drizzle out there. maybe there is some drizzle on the coast maybe to the north but again i am slowing it down a little bit. i am hard pressed to is a see this -- to see this is speeding up. it is a big system and again, it is slowly moving. it will be cooler but temperatures are still in the
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tells and 070 -- 60s and 70s. rain clouds are holding off until next wednesday and that will be in the form and we increase, bring rain and we can ken again sunnyside up and warmer. continuing coverage of the storm on the east coast of the of the area is dealing with heavy rain and it has brought blizzard conditions to west virginia. they could see as much as 3 pete of snow and they have also declared a state of emergency in west virginia. they are trying to restore power back to millions of people. they are hoping to get the
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lights back on including crews at a substation and they are complicating -- complicating things. as many as 15 million people have no power in the united states. 6.2 magnitude after shock showed a 7.7 quake which prompted a tsunami warning in the area. there was a 6.3 with no significant points of damage. a two are accused of strangling a woman and now the daughter is speaking out for the first time in an interview you will only see on channel
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250.$♪. >> they allegedly stole guns cash and jewelry. they set the home on fire. >> it is so horrific and it is happen to my family. a union city woman faces 25 years in prison after she was convicted of killing michelle le. prosecutors called giselle esteban a monster after she accused michelle le of having an affair. they say the verdict has lifted
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the burden. >> giselle esteban's attorney tried to argue it was man slaughter trying she killed in passion. the rest of the country was not very excited about the world series plus, stocking up on merchandise, there is a warning to buyers and sellers.
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. the giant dugout was bigger all day and they are expecting it at the parade of course. they are also warning about counterfeit money gear. in the past week, federal acts confiscated several hunk sold by illegal street vendors. our research department here says nearly 200 million people watched game four.
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that is a record low and there were 1.2 million comments on social angel pay began. everybody in america can get a free taco today. it is called steel a base, steel attackco. you can remember he stole against the detroit tigers and you can get one free from taco bell. and gel -- angel pay began may actually serve you. >> and of course, we have video from yesterday's homecoming, just look for the world series
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tab and how is it looking out side and in other areas it is clear for example highway 24 in oakland you should have a nice drive but when you get to the other side you will see some thick fog. give yourself some extra time and traffic is smooth coming into san francisco. in the south bay, also highway 17 looks good, let's go to steve. it is running into horns and most of these take over. the system is hard pressed to move and before that warm air is still recapping everything. >> we are anywhere from 40 to
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59 and you can see the system there also, but it is moving very slowly. in fact it takes us through tonight. high clouds in the north bay, they are just inching along we are seeing little increase and everything looks good with a little bit of drizzle. upper 50s to near 60 degrees and a tough part is 60 degrees north. overall is the dry pattern
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earn. clear it out and then sunny and warmer by the weekend. all lanes are back open this morning, that is after particular shut down after five hours overnight. the closure was due to a deadly accident in a sea ranch area. the vehicle went off the road, hit a tree and caught fire and the driver was pronounced dead at the scene, nobody else was hurt. we are watching that super storm. where sandy is headed next, stay tuned for more. w
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. good morning, we will have more on where this historic storm is headed next. . airport officials say its impact of super storm sandy could be leaving some problems later today. many thought things had been settled we


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